Affiliate/Sponsorship Program

Launching SOON!

So you want to be a Squad Member? Gamer Goat is allowing just a handful of people to enter this elite program with crazy benefits and payouts!

Things like:

  • 20% Discount code for personal use and to give to followers
  • 10% Paid commission on all sales generated
  • 2 Free supplements each month
  • Salary contract with Gamer Goat

And much much more! All these goals are reachable and can be obtained by climbing the ranks through each Squad and kicking butt online! This affiliate/sponsorship program is a game changer for the gaming industry.

It will give gamers the chance to earn free gear, give back to their community with awesome discounts and products and also allow gamers the potential to earn some extra cash.

Be sure you sign up for our email newsletter so you are notified not only when this launches but you will get a couple days head start on the gamers that didn't sign up.

Remember... there is a limited amount of spots so keeping up with Gamer Goat posts and emails is important if you want a shot at being a squad member!